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Ancient Treasure Hunt

Looking for a fun and exciting adventure? Step back in time and challenge The Curse of The Ancient Treasure. Gather your friends, family and co-workers as you will need all the help you can get to complete this quest and find the ancient treasure left behind by the native tribes in the 1700’s.

The legend is that during the 1700’s, a naval captain and explorer along with his crewmen were paddling up the Scoudouc River by canoe. They had paddled for most of the day and in need of rest and food they stopped to set up camp for the night. While the men were preparing dinner, the captain went for a walk. During his walk, the captain discovered a small golden oyster shell. As he kept walking, he discovered another and then another. The captain continued to find the golden oyster shells as he walked and he came upon a small cave so full of golden oyster shells that there was a shining glimmer of light coming from the cave.

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treasure hunt
  • Yellow start represents the put-in.
  • Blue Dots represents the 4 stations
  • And well the red X makes the ancient treasure site

How it Works

  1. Participants meet at our main shop by the giant lobster. After going through the payment and waiver process, participants are given their map and a guide book along with directions to our up river put-in location.
  1. Your adventure begins with a short 2 min car ride (Via your own vehicle) from the main shop to the up river put-in.
  1. Upon arrival at the put-in, a Shediac Paddle Shop staff member will be there to greet and fit you with your safety equipment or better known as “Treasure Hunt Survival Gear.” This will be followed by a quick safety briefing.
  1. Our staff get the treasure hunt started, by reading “The Code of The Treasure Hunters” and selecting one member of the group to act as ”Treasure Guardian.” This person will act as the story narrator who will read from the guide book and be responsible for explaining each task or challenge, as well as reading clues and riddles to the group.
  1. From here, the explorers set off on their own adventure. They work their way through 4 stations that consists of group and team building activities and some very creative challenges. After completing a station the “Treasure Guardian” will reveal the location of the next station.
  1. The final station is the “Ancient Treasure Site” where participants will find their treasure. After you can hang out, while enjoying a break and some relaxation before paddling back.