SUP Meditation

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind and it can be quite simple. Engaging in SUP meditation practice, you can find peaceful and energized states of mind and improve positive energy. The water element provides you with a sense of purity, clarity and calmness and enables you to find your centre and balance.

Water warriors come expand your balanced lifestyle: Connect your mind, body and spirit; develop your own unique individual resilience!

Relaxation, such as SUP meditation, is powerful; live deeper in the present moment.

Price includes board and all necessary safety equipment

  • $35.00 +HST

If you have all of your own equipment

  • $25.00 +HST

The anchors are provided for everyone.

Minimum 4 participants

Please call us to register for this event ASAP! 506-532-8914

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Sup Meditation