Allow our staff to set you up on a path towards success and guide you into the world of stand up paddle boarding. Instructors have been trained to assess and develop each individual taking a lesson. One of the greatest things about SUP, is the versatility in how one can use their board.

We deliver all our lessons in a group setting.

Please call us to make an appointment for a private lesson with our instructor. 506-532-8914.

Beginner Intro Class

The Beginner Intro Class sets you up with the proper building blocks to becoming a smart and competent paddler, we cover equipment fitting, basic paddle strokes, launching and landing from a dock and paddling positions. During this lesson we also discuss weather precautions and how to plan and prepare for a day of paddling on your own.

Lessons Available: Intro & Beginner

Reserve your SUP board at the form below or by clicking here: https://spshack.rentrax.io

SUP Lessons