The Shediac Paddle Shop business is for sale.

Serious inquiries are to be directed to:

for Shediac Paddle Shop is now closed for the year.

Thank you to all for your patronage

and see you in Season 2024!


Please e-mail to make an appointment if you are interested in buying a paddle board or equipment.  


Welcome to Shediac Paddle Shop!

Located in the Shediac Rotary Park (Big Lobster), our rentals allow you to experience the Scoudouc River with friends and family.  Through our rentals department, we offer 1 and 2 person kayaks as well as stand up paddle boards (SUP).  If you’re looking to hop on a paddleboard for the first time, we offer beginner paddle courses,  private lessons as well as group and corporate lessons.  Lessons are available people aged 8 years and above, with all abilities.  

Through your visit and paddle, you’ll be able to explore our surroundings with some of the most stunning scenery you may have ever experienced.

Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP) Tours

SUP Lessons

Private Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) Lesson

Monday & Wednesday evenings – 6:30 pm

SUP Lessons

Date Night

Friday evenings – 6:30 PM

SUP Lessons

Beginner SUP Paddle Night

Monday & Wednesday evenings – 6:30 pm

SUP Lessons

Treasure Hunt

For children aged 10 and under.

SUP Lessons

Recreational SUP Tours

Max 8 participants